4 core elements of bullying, all 4 must be present:
  • imbalance of power
  • intentional
  • repeated behaviour
  • creates harm - short term or long term
Profile of Bullies
  • watch or play violent TV at home
  • spend less time with adults at home
  • parents put more forceful discipline upon them
  • fewer positive adult models
  • few positive peer influences

Help identify, prevent, and stop cyberbullying of children, deter those likely to commit it, empower bystanders to take action, and develop a resilient and effective support networks of peers, parents, caregivers, schools, industry leaders and trusted adults to support children affected by it.

Our Response

EHEM - is a Filipino expression of “excuse me.” “oops teka lang.” Second look, think before you post. Inspired this app as a virtual reminder to the would be cyberbully.

First priority is to build up the bystanders and convert them into a pro-active community that will stand between the gap of the bully and the victim. Empower them by tie-up with existing modules from different websites, have the community undergo these modules, training, and seminars before they can do counseling for the victim and/or the bully. Location of a nearby counsellor for a bully or a victim.

Secondly, stop the bully before the cyberbullying happens, with a web-app, or a plug-in to Chrome, the bully will be prompted for a negative text or image that he is about to post. 

Thirdly, assist the victim in seeking help, partner with a counsellor, as the victim goes through difficult time. A person who will listen is just a click away.

Fourthly, massive campaign against cyberbullies through blogs, wordpress is good in search engine optimization.


Based on love. We cannot give what we don’t have. And we love because God first loved us.

We are not here to reprimand the bully, but to understand the environment where the bully is coming from, to address the issues, and to refer to appropriate partner agencies.

Empower the community, with strong support group, continuous recruitment and training.

Technologies/API used
  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack
  • Zend Framework, Jquery and Bootstrap
  • GEOIP (Currently we just use free database from maxmind)
  • Google Maps API
  • SMS via Chikka API
  • Paypal API
  • Bitcoins and Google QR Code generator

IndigitousHack 2016